Up-cycled tires into steps

Week 2 2020-crashed the tractor

Created new steps across the river – My neighbors have a large pile of used car tires they are not using and have turned some of them into steps – They last for ever, and give a spring to your step!


Up-cycled tires into steps

Recycling trees – The one river bank has oak trees and poplar trees, and needs thinning so I am in the process of cutting down the poplar trees, and removing the bark and using them for building the next cottage. Sustainable living at its best! 

Crashed the tractor – Useful tip – If you have a tractor and the clutch dosen’t work which means you can’t stop it easily, don’t pair that with a parking place right in the edge of a river bank with a large drop off the end – if there hadn’t been a large oak tree in the way, things would have turned out a bit differently – fortunately no real harm done, and I now park the tractor in a less harmful spot.

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