Getting to Underhill Farm

Directions and access to Underhill Farm from CapeTown and Botrivier

Directions To Underhill Farm

UnderHill Farm is on the Van der Stel pass in the Overberg located between Theewaterskloof Dam and the historic town of Botrivier.

The van der Stel pass joins the R321 to Botrivier, and is mostly a dirt road winding through the Botrivier Valley. The dirt roads are in good to very good condition, and accessible by all types of vehicles except very low vehicles (sports cars, etc).

Access to the farm is on the Botrivier, next to the Eerstehoop wine farm.

  • Take N2 over Sir Lowrys pass heading away from Cape Town, passing through Somerset West.
  • Turn left onto the R321 at Peregrines (after stopping to get some fresh produce).
  • Your next turnoff is about 500m after Peregrines, turn right at the signpost to Villiersdorp. You will not go through the town of Grabouw.
  • Take the turnoff and stay on this road for 21 km , along the Vilijoenspass through the apple orchards, until you get to the sign that indicates Botrivier and Eerste Hoop on the right.
  • Turn right on this turnoff.

Access To The Farm

a map of underhill farm access roads and trails
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UnderHill farm is fairly remote, making it a quiet and private getaway. Access is through two neighbouring farms which can be confusing.

The main farm gate has a keypad and the gate at the farm (at the bridge over the Twaalfontein stream) has a combination lock. The access codes are both the same and will be sent to you as part of your booking confirmation mail or message.

The main gate is open Monday to Friday from 06:00 – 18:00. Should you wish to go out on the weekends, please use the access code supplied, and keep the gate at the farm entrance locked and closed.

The entrance gate to underhill farm
The main entrance from the Cape Town side

The main gate is shown here. It’s about 8 kilometers along the Van der Stel Pass after turning off the R321. You’ll see a sign for UnderHill Farm, and Avondson , the neighbouring farm, whose farmstead you will drive around to get to Underhill.

Turn into the gate. If the gate is closed, please use the gate code and enter it on the keypad to the left of the gate on the main gate post. For security reasons this code will be mailed or sent via SMS or Whatsapp and is changed every few months. Please don’t give this code to anyone on or around the farm.

Access to the bridge leading to underhill farm
After crossing the bridge follow the sign left

The road from the gate goes down the hill and then turns right and left to a bridge over the Botrivier. After the bridge turn immediately left to follow the Botrivier to the neighbour Avondson. Going straight will lead you into the barnyard of the other neighbour PP Moeng.

avondson farm
Go up and left around Avondson

Follow the road to the neighbours farm – Avondson – then continue up and around the back of the farmstead. After passing behind the farmhouse the road turns back down the hill and towards the Botrivier to the entrance of Underhill Farm.

the road leading down from avondson towards underhill farm
Go back down the hill towards the stream

After passing behind the farmhouse the road turns back down the hill and towards the Botrivier to the entrance of Underhill Farm.


the access road through the orchard to Underhill Farm
Go back down the hill towards the stream

On entering UnderHill Farm there are 7 cottages:

  • Willow cottage is the first on the left in the lower farm. Turn left by the old oak tree.
  • Oak cottage is first on the left at the top of the hill overlooking the Bot rivier.
  • Rivendell is opposite Oak on the other side of the farm, on the Twaalfontein stream side.
  • Hobbit Hollow is the last cottage on the left next to the Bot rivier.
  • Underhill Farm house, Underhill cottage and Olive and Vine are for long term tenants and owners and not available for short term rentals.