A pet friendly accommodation experience in the Botrivier valley
An eco-friendly 100% up-cycled guest farm
An eco-friendly 100% upcycled guest farm
A truly unforgettable accommodation experience in the heart of the Overberg
An eco-friendly 100% upcycled guest farm
A truly unforgettable accommodation experience in the heart of the Overberg

COVID-19 & Underhill Farm

COVID-19 is a serious problem, and we have addressed this as follows:

  1. All cottages are self contained and remote, with no shared living areas or interactions with any other guests or staff. There is self check-in, and no need to visit or enter any shared buildings.
  2. There are ongoing specials and discounts to make getting away more affordable – Follow us on Instagram #underhill_ecofarm to see specials.
  3. Each cottage includes drinking water, soap, alcohol hand sanitizer, and a dishwasher. Please make use of the dishwasher for cleaning all plates glasses and cutlery at high heat for your safety and those coming after you. Please bring extra soap, water and anything else you need to feel safe. Please don’t pinch the hand sanitizer – yes this has happened!
  4. Please keep your garden gate closed to prevent your dogs roaming, or allowing Mylo the resident dog in. Each cottage has a mesh fence around the garden to ensure your dogs don’t roam. You are encouraged to go for walks with your pets, but other guests may not be so happy to see your dogs outside their garden if you leave your gate open. 
  5. There is a 8MB uncapped internet for all the guests to make use of and work remotely. However the bandwidth is limited to 8MB and needs to be shared by everyone, so please no streaming – if you would like to watch something, please download it early in the morning or late at night (or before you arrive at the farm) so as not to affect those who wish to work.
  6. In the interest of social distancing the two 6 sleeper cottages (Underhill Farmhouse and Underhill Cottage) are no longer available.

Welcome to Underhill Farm

In a world of excessive consumption, isn’t it time to find the true luxury of staying at a guest farm that is built from materials of the past? 

Every single window and door has been upcycled and nothing is purchased new. Plastic furniture and chipboard fittings have been banished. We use the sun’s energy for electricity and nature to create harmonious cottages linked to mother earth and permaculture provides food and resources.

The land comes first and cottages are built to enhance nature and the surrounding countryside, not the other way around. Underhill is a place where nature’s most beautiful assets can shade, shelter and entrance you.

underhill farmhouse and garden

Resources that cannot be reused or up-cycled are bought locally. Bricks come from Worcester and structural timber comes from Somerset West. Wine bottles become windows, pallets become furniture and discarded planks become walls and ceilings.

A green oasis of rolling lush lawns, olive orchids, and gently swaying shady ancient oaks and poplar forests

Oak trees and sod roofs provide shade and coolness in summer, and black wattle creates warmth for your fire in winter. Every cottage is carefully nestled in the farm, invisible from one another, yet each with its own unique view, landscape and privacy.

Learn More About Sustainable Living

Visit our learning centre packed with articles, videos, and information about living an eco-friendly lifestyle in the Western Cape.

Book online now and look forward to a relaxing departure from the norm

Our Awards

Things To See And Do

Enjoy cool river walks or long hillside hikes through the trails surrounding the cottages and neighboring farms.

Cycle the famed Van der Stel pass, and explore the local hill sides upon which Simon Van der Stel had his hunting lodge.

Indulge in a Underhill Farmstyle Cider and find out how to make your own batch at home with a few simple ingredients.

Explore recycling, upcycling, and self-sufficiency at our learning centre and by exploring the many ways they’re utilised on the farm.

Understand how the sun can provide all your electricity needs without having to give up any modern luxuries.

Connect again with nature and go ziplining, hiking, exploring, wine tasting, whale watching, or simply sit under a tree with a good book.