A pet friendly, eco-friendly sustainable cottage experience with a touch of Tolkien

Underhill Cottage

Sleeps up to

2 people

Rates from


Underhill Cottage is built back to back to the main farmhouse with its own views of the valley, upper farm, and the Franschhoek Mountains. 

This is currently used by the owner Julian and farm manager Cobus. Should you need anything and they are not around on the farm, you will find them there.

Rivendell Cottage

Sleeps up to

up to 5 people

Rates from

R2000 a night

Hobbit Hollow

Sleeps up to

4 people

Rates from

R1800 a night

Hobbit Hollow: A Journey into a World of Whimsy

Nestled in the belly of Underhill Farm, Hobbit Hollow is a unique tribute to the beauty of nature. This enchanting cottage, inspired by the spirit of underground hobbit living, is an architectural marvel, seamlessly integrated into the riverbank. It stands as the most secluded cottage on the Botrivier side of the farm, a true haven for those who seek an intimate connection with the natural world.

Versatile Spaces for Every Moment

For those tranquil days when the river’s flow takes a pause, Hobbit Hollow presents a peaceful seated area, shaded by the forest canopy, a delightful plunge pool, and a deck inviting you to indulge in refreshing dips on warm summer days. All are nestled within a grassy, securely enclosed garden, wrapped in the comforting embrace of the forest.

Cozy Comfort and Artful Details

Inside the cottage, you’ll find a cosy haven featuring a king-size bed in the master suite, and a sofa bed in the lounge in front of the fire. A bathroom, complete with a skylight, welcomes the sun’s gentle rays. The fully equipped kitchen invites you to embark on culinary adventures.

The Hearth of Hobbit Hollow: A Cast Iron Stove

At the heart of Hobbit Hollow stands a cast iron stove, radiating a warm and inviting glow that embraces you on chilly winter nights. With the newly built open-plan lounge featuring large windows and doors that frame a breathtaking view of the river ahead, you can bask in the enduring warmth of the fire during winter or let the gentle summer breeze soothe you in the warmer months. 

New Additions: A Seaside Escape

In the wake of the storm and rebuilding efforts, Hobbit Hollow has embraced new additions to enhance your experience. A brand-new braai area awaits just outside the lounge, with a beach bar that captures the essence of a seaside escape. Here, under the open sky, you can create memories with evening braais and leisurely meals, with nature as your gracious host. Deck chairs on the “beach” create the perfect space to unwind, and a fire place adds to the charm of evenings beneath the stars.

Hobbit Hollow is more than a cottage; it’s a portal to a world where enchantment and the beauty of nature coexist. At Underhill Farm, we invite you to make this haven a part of your story, a place where every moment embodies the magic of the natural world.

Oak Cottage

Sleeps up to

3 people

Rates from

R1400 per night

Oak Cottage: Your Cosy Riverside Retreat

Nestled beneath the protective canopy of ancient oak trees, Oak Cottage stands as a symbol of quiet refuge at Underhill Farm. This charming haven offers a romantic escape, where the tranquil riverbank serves as its backdrop.

A Warm Welcome

As you step through the welcoming sliding barn door into the entryway, you’ll be greeted by the stoep with a built-in braai and the french doors leading to a comfortable lounge area seamlessly connected to an open-plan kitchen. In the heart of the cottage, a potbelly stove radiates warmth, making it the perfect place to unwind during the winter months.

A Tranquil Sleeping Nook

The cottage boasts a queen-sized bed, thoughtfully nestled in a window-filled alcove. This snug nook offers enchanting views of the meandering Botrivier, ensuring that you wake up to the beauty of nature. 

A Treehouse-Like Porch

Step onto the back porch, and you’ll feel like you’re perched in a treehouse. This delightful space offers room for an afternoon rest from the beating summer sun, as you are shaded by the giant oak trees, and evenings spent under the starlit sky, with the wind gently rustling the leaves of the nearby trees.

A Perfect Escape for All

Oak Cottage offers not only a serene environment but also a place where every member of your family, including your four-legged friends, can enjoy the perfect escape. A plunge pool and a large and securely enclosed garden ensure that both you and your dogs have a delightful and worry-free stay.

An In-land Beach? 

One of the remarkable and unexpected transformations that occurred after the floods at Underhill Farm is the creation of a beach-like paradise right in front of Oak Cottage. Nature, in its magnificent way, reshaped the landscape, removed thousands of alien black wattle trees and left behind a scene that mirrors the charm of a coastal escape. What was once a familiar riverbank has been metamorphosed into what feels like a private beach, right here in the heart of the Overberg region. 

The sounds of nature and the gentle rustling of leaves provide a soothing soundtrack to your days. It’s an invitation to unwind, soak up the sun, and let your senses revel in the serene beauty of this newfound landscape. 

At Underhill Farm, we believe in embracing change, and this transformation is a testament to the resilience and ever-evolving beauty of the natural world.


Sleeps up to

6 people

Rates from

R2000 midweek and R2500 weekends for 4 and R500 for each additional person

The Earthship: Nestled into the Heart of Nature

In the heart of Underhill Farm’s enchanting landscape lies our most recent architectural gem, The Earthship. This extraordinary dwelling takes its name from its unique design, as it gracefully blends into the south-facing slope with a grassy rooftop. The result is a sanctuary of remarkable ingenuity, where eco-conscious design meets the stunning beauty of nature. 

Seasonal Comfort in a Harmonious Retreat

The Earthship, carefully designed to provide comfort in every season, offers a haven of coolness during the summer months. Its south-facing orientation ensures it stays wonderfully cool in summer, while clerestory windows and a greenhouse corridor to the north capture the full glory of the winter sun to keep you warm in winter. If the temperatures ever rise into the 40s, guests can simply turn on the roof sprinklers to water and cool down the roof, which will in turn cool the inside of the cottage.

A Garden of Tranquility

Step outside and find yourself surrounded by a securely enclosed garden, lovingly sheltered by the shade of tall poplar trees. Here, you’ll discover a serene escape, complete with a fire pit nestled next to the flowing river. 

An Oasis of Relaxation

The Earthship also boasts a stunning natural swimming pool area adjacent to the kitchen and lounge, where the afternoon sun casts its warm embrace. The pool is perfectly gated off to protect the little ones and offer peace of mind. A tractor jungle gym, slide and swing keep the young ones entertained, while being securely fenced off from the river. From this vantage point, you can enjoy captivating views of the neighbouring vineyard and the distant Franschhoek mountains. Being the last cottage at Underhill, The Earthship ensures the utmost privacy and seclusion for your well-deserved escape.

Luxury Bedrooms and Inside-Outside Cooking 

Inside this eco-haven, you’ll find three spacious en-suite bedrooms, each graced with king-sized beds, ample wardrobe space, and inviting seating areas. The generously appointed kitchen and lounge area open up to a covered braai space and pizza oven, offering a seamless connection to the surrounding forest and the riverside fire pit. The Earthship is booked as one unit, and the rooms can unfortunately not be booked out separately. 

A Space of Creative Energy

The Earthship is not just a dwelling; it’s an artistic canvas. Local artists from the Western Cape have poured their creativity and energy into the space, adorning it with unique and inspiring decor. As you explore the nooks and crannies, you’ll find that every corner of The Earthship tells a story, and every detail resonates with artistry.

Your four-legged friends are also welcome to roam safely within the privately fenced off garden around The Earthship. Here at Underhill Farm, we believe in creating experiences that celebrate the harmony between human life and the natural world, and The Earthship embodies this philosophy. It’s a place where design, artistry, and the beauty of nature converge to provide a tranquil and unforgettable escape. We invite you to experience the magic of The Earthship during your stay at Underhill Farm.

Willow Cottage

Sleeps up to

0 people

Rates from

Not applicable

A Tale of Resilience and Change

In the quiet heart of Underhill Farm, amidst the lush embrace of the Overberg region, a chapter of our story took an unexpected turn. The Heritage Weekend floods of September 24th and 25th, 2023, brought a wave of transformation that touched every corner of the land we hold dear. Willow Cottage, along with much of the lower farm, bridge and road, stood in the path of this mighty force of nature and, in an instant, became part of the ever-changing landscape

RIP Willow Cottage

At this stage, the pain of saying goodbye to Willow Cottage is a burden too heavy to bear. Its memory remains etched in our hearts and eternally present on our website, an enduring testament to the unique charm it brought to our landscape.

Welcoming the Opportunities of Change

As we stand at the cusp of a new era, the vast Botrivier Valley unfolds before us, offering a fresh canvas of possibilities for both our current and future guests. While we acknowledge that Willow Cottage, in its past form, cannot be rebuilt, we look forward to embracing new beginnings and crafting unique experiences that will celebrate the ever-evolving beauty of Underhill Farm.

Join Us in Creating New Memories

Although Willow Cottage may no longer grace our land, Underhill Farm continues its journey, ever resilient and ready to create new memories, new connections, and new stories. We invite you to join us in embracing the beauty and wonder of this evolving landscape, to explore our other four cherished cottages, and to become a part of the enduring narrative of Underhill Farm.