rivendell outdoor fire pit

The cottages are ready for summer!

Underhill Farmhouse and Rivendell cottage are now both ready for summer with each cottage now equipped with a private pool their own unique chill-out spot under the trees next to the river.

Below are the benches around the old oak tree in the nook of Underhill Farmhouse overlooking the river.

Below is the stone bench and fire-pit below Rivendell cottage amongst the poplar forest right next to the stream. Perfect for cool days or chilled evenings.

rivendell outdoor fire pit

Both locations are completely separate from one another ensuring that guests as always maintain their privacy, and now have somewhere to escape the hot summers and enjoy the cooling breeze along the stream – no matter how hot the days are, the spots by the river will always be cool and refreshing with the wind in the leaves, sound of birds and gurgle of the stream.

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