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Recycling cider yeast

Underhill Farm's homemade cider is a staple beverage for relaxing around here. But now we've figured out how to recycle the ingredients we use to make it.

Early on in the farm’s existence, I started experimenting with brewing beer and cider using local ingredients. After several months of experimentation I began producing a consistent and refreshing cider that pack a bit more of a punch than you’d expect!

Now everyone who visits gets a chance to try out our signature farmhouse cider and it’s become quite a favourite near and far. 

the recipe is quite simple and the space you need is limited, meaning you could brew out of your garage. 

We make our cider from apples grown in the grabouw valley. Up until now, new yeast has been purchased for each batch of cider. However, going forward all yeast will be recycled. 

Once the cider has been bottled, the yeast used to be discarded, however now it is drained off and refrigerated until the next batch of cider is ready to be made and then added back. At R160 per packet, and 10 packets needed per batch, this is a significant saving in money.

Our next challenge will be judging the measurements going into each batch and re-adjust based on the bottling results. Looks like some taste testing is in order!

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