Unveiling the Essence of Underhill: The Waters of Houtveld Dam

Underhill Water Houtveld Dam

Unveiling the Essence of Underhill: The Waters of Houtveld Dam Nestled at the edge of the Groenlandberg Nature Reserve, the heartbeat of Underhill Farm emanates from a source as natural as the earth itself—the Houtveld Dam. This reservoir, cradled within the embrace of the Botrivier Valley, serves as the lifeblood for a network of farms, […]

How I built my eco-home for $7,000

The joy you get from building yourself, scrounging hidden treasures and learning new skills is something I relish every moment I spend in my tiny home.

You can recycle more rubbish than you realise

At Underhill Farm, the stuff you throw away goes to one of two places – the local rubbish dump, or the local recycling center that benefits the local community. But we try to keep rubbish to a minimum. There are a lot of items you probably didn’t even realise could be recycled. The main categories […]

Recycling cider yeast

Underhill Farm’s homemade cider is a staple beverage for relaxing around here. But now we’ve figured out how to recycle the ingredients we use to make it.

Building Hobbit Hollow

After nearly 7 months of hard work Hobbit Hollow is complete. Our original idea to construct a Hobbit inspired riverside cottage has become a reality! Although it came with some interesting engineering challenges and many hours of hard work. With the exception of concrete for the foundation and some lumber for framing, everything (including the […]