You can recycle more rubbish than you realise

At Underhill Farm, the stuff you throw away goes to one of two places – the local rubbish dump, or the local recycling center that benefits the local community. But we try to keep rubbish to a minimum. There are a lot of items you probably didn’t even realise could be recycled.

The main categories are of course paper, plastic, metal, and glass. But how often do you throw away that stack of paper plates or used plastic silverware without thinking about it?

By rinsing your plastic, paper, and tin cans you make them recyclable! You’ll be amazed at how much can go into your bin when you take a few moments to look around. When these items are recycled or reused you benefit the earth and the community by creating jobs and cutting down on waste and pressure on landfills.

Remember: Everything you don't recycle has to be disposed of somewhere...

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