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recycling is easier than you realise

You can recycle more rubbish than you realise

At Underhill Farm, the stuff you throw away goes to one of two places – the local rubbish dump, or the local recycling center that benefits the local community. But we try to keep rubbish to a minimum. There are a lot of items you probably didn’t even realise could

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Recycling cider yeast

Underhill Farm’s homemade cider is a staple beverage for relaxing around here. But now we’ve figured out how to recycle the ingredients we use to make it.

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There’s a new sauna at Underhill

There is now a sauna in the corner at Underhill. It still needs a privacy screen and water for the ice cold shower (or you can jump in the stream at the back of the sauna) but it will be ready for adventurous guests by winter 2018. As with everything

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Building Hobbit Hollow

After nearly 7 months of hard work Hobbit Hollow is complete. Our original idea to construct a Hobbit inspired riverside cottage has become a reality! Although it came with some interesting engineering challenges and many hours of hard work. With the exception of concrete for the foundation and some lumber

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